ESPLORA (fuzz)

159,00 €

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Best electronic parts.
Top-mounted jacks.
Digital printed graphics.
Hand-built and designed in Italy.

True bypass switching.
Standard 9V DC negative power.

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ESPLORA means "explore" in second person imperative (tu, esplora! = you, explore!).

This effect pedal is a powerful fuzz that offers many different tonal possibilities.

It has three adjustable parameters: LEVELTONE and FUZZ.
The LEVEL knob it controls the volume, TONE it adjusts the the eq filter (which allows to passing through a very dark/fat tone to a very bright and tiny one) and FUZZ it controls the amount of gain/sustain.

The extra tonal weapons of the ESPLORA are the two toggle switches:

At the upper position, allows to bypass the tone control for a true tonal punch, releasing all the frequencies available without any kind of cut and providing a very doomy and groovy tone. 


At the lower position, gives brightness to the gain and boosts the trebles, transforming the sound in a more aggressive/modern one and adding presence to the signal.

The ESPLORA can make the difference for any musical genre which needs a real sonic boost, allowing to play the classic silicon fuzz sound or experimenting with the tonal options that this pedal offers.

True bypass switching.
Standard 9V DC negative power.