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ARPIONA means “harpoon” in second person imperative (tu, arpiona = you, harpoon)

This limited edition pedal is the result of the strong collaboration between AC noises and the Italian guitar player/sonic manipulator Xabier Iriondo.
After adding both AC noises ESPLORA and VOLA to the rigs that he uses with Afterhours (one of the most popular and respected Italian rock bands since early 90s) and other musical projects, Xabier Iriondo joined the AC noises team temporarily with the purpose to develop a pedal idea that he had in his mind for several years.

ARPIONA is basically 3 independent effects in 1 single pedal, which provide 5 different circuits and up to 30 different sonic possibilities.


The first effect in chain, the octa-synth is a monophonic synthesizer emulator which provides three different octaves manageable through their own knobs: -2, -1, +1.
-2 is the sub-octave control, which is probably the deepest and thickest ARPIONA’s parameter. Turning the -2 knob clockwise, you’ll notice 2 octaves lower corresponding to the one that you’re actually playing on your instrument.
The -1 knob controls the amount of the "one octave lower" effect. This is the most defined parameter of the octa-synth. In fact it allows to play very low notes without losing definition and/or providing any signal glitch.
+1: it release a one octave higher note according to the one that you play. Probably the most recognizable and groovy octa-synth's parameter in a mix contest.
VOLUME: It controls the output level of the whole octa-synth effect. 


The second effect in chain, the ARPIONA’s fuzz section is a very different one comparing to the ESPLORA. The ARPIONA’s one has less dynamic response and a more effective gate. It's been created specifically to dialoging as great as possible with the other two ARPIONA’s effects (octa-synth and boost). It has a huge output level controllable by the "F. VOLUME" knob. On the fuzz circuit, you can add a huge “bass boost” by its relative toggle switch for a real harmonic punch. 
However, the crazier and most particular option of the fuzz section (and maybe of the ARPIONA on its entirety) is related to its own footswitch: holding this one, a crazy and temporary (as long as you will hold the switch) oscillation will comes out. This oscillation is fully controllable by guitar pots and pickups: the volume pot controls the pitch, while the tone pot can be used to change the frequency’s cut. Depending of your guitar setup, the oscillation will be effected even changing your pick-up selection (because the output differences).
When you release the switch, the fuzz will be still active but with no oscillation.
Tapping the fuzz footswitch quickly, you’ll bypass/engage the fuzz with no oscillation.


This is the last effect in chain and can be used even as a clean boost (with is volume knob “B. VOLUME” almost at its minimum), but it has been mostly created to use it as a final and huge plus for the whole pedal. In fact, turning the B. VOLUME knob clockwise, the output level can reach up to 25db. If paired with the octa-synth or fuzz (or both, obviously) it adds a lot of character and turns the whole pedal in something we can call as a sort of "sonic war machine”.
But since we thought that it wasn’t enough, a “noise” toggle switch has been added to the boost circuit. This option allows to add a “restive filter” at the very end of the chain, which could be described as sort of noisy and sputtering filter. This option can be definitely used as a stand alone but again, paired with the previous ones (especially with the fuzz when the oscillation is engaged) it gives you a very unique, massive and aggressive tone.

The ARPIONA mounts soft-touch switches for each independent circuit, which are all true bypass with relays.
Power: 9v center negative

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