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ESPLORA means "explore" in second person imperative (tu, esplora = you, explore).

This effect pedal is a powerful silicon transistors fuzz which offers many different tonal possibilities.

It has three adjustable parameters: LEVELTONE and FUZZ.
The LEVEL knob it controls the volume, TONE it adjusts the the eq filter (which allows to passing through a very dark and full of mids tone to a very bright and cutting one) and FUZZ it controls the amount of gain/sustain.

The extra tonal weapons of the ESPLORA are the two toggle switches:

At the upper position, allows to bypass the tone control for a true tonal punch, releasing all the frequencies available without any kind of cut and providing a very doomy and groovy tone. Also, with this option engaged, the ESPLORA offers a huge amount of mid frequencies which allows you to stand out from the mix easily.


At the lower position, gives a bit more of brightness to the gain and boosts the trebles, which is very helpful (especially if you're not that kind of player who plays fuzz pedal with the sustain at its maximum).

The ESPLORA can makes the difference for any musical genre which needs a real sonic boost, allowing both to play the classic silicon fuzz sound and experimenting with the tonal options that this pedal offers.

True bypass switching.
Standard 9V DC negative power.

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